Soccerment is a fast-growing Italian company operating in Soccer Data Intelligence that is committed to the development of advanced solutions for collecting and analyzing soccer performance data. With a focus on providing valuable insights to clubs, professional athletes, and soccer data analysts, the company aims to accelerate the adoption of data-driven decision-making in the sport, making it more efficient and economically sustainable for all parties involved.

The world of sports has experienced a rapid increase in the use of data analytics, with more clubs and organizations recognizing its potential. Soccerment’s CEO, Aldo Comi, explains that “the use of data in the world of soccer is growing exponentially, and teams will increasingly hire professionals dedicated to advanced analysis.”

Building on the success of the Soccer Analytics Beta 2.0 platform, Soccerment is thrilled to announce the launch of | STATS, the latest offering in Soccer Data Intelligence. On May 11th, at 9 PM CEST, users can join the live presentation featuring CEO Aldo Comi and Head of Data Science Roberto Angioni to learn more in-depth about what this new platform has to offer for clubs, professional athletes, and soccer data analysts.

Soccerment is committed to providing high-quality data and insights through advanced data visualizations, utilizing the power of AI and machine learning to offer transformative soccer analytics. The | STATS platform includes the most advanced expected value-based metrics and proprietary algorithms, ensuring that users have access to the best possible information for their analyses.

One of the key innovations in is the ongoing transformation of its backend engine, which allows for the seamless integration of Soccerment’s revolutionary advanced metrics with artificial intelligence tools that will be introduced in the coming months. This cutting-edge approach ensures that users will benefit from the continuous development and improvement of the platform.

With a focus on advanced data visualizations, has been designed to cater specifically to the needs of clubs, professional athletes, and soccer data analysts. The platform allows users to easily understand, analyze, and interpret data, helping them make informed decisions based on the most relevant information available.


Key features, such as Match Preview and Match Report, enable users to stay updated with their preferred teams and leagues. Additionally, new features like Team and Player Analysis allow users to delve into advanced metrics and data visualizations, gaining a better understanding of team and individual player performance on the field.

Soccerment’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of data analytics in the world of soccer. With its advanced proprietary metrics, cutting-edge data visualizations, and comprehensive set of statistics, the | STATS platform promises to be an essential tool for clubs, professional athletes, and soccer data analysts. As the company continues to grow and expand its offerings, it remains committed to providing the most innovative and state-of-the-art solutions to help drive the adoption of data in soccer and make the sport more efficient and economically sustainable for all. All interested parties may access | STATS starting from May 11th, 2023.