Home to the MLS side FC Cincinnati, the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals and the MLB’s Cincinnati Red’s it is clear that Cincinnati is well placed to bring football’s biggest tournament to their city.

Two of their best sporting facilities, the TQL Stadium and the Paul Brown Stadium are located in the city’s downtown area, walking distance from fantastic hotels and fashionable restaurants!

Logistically, the city is able to cater for fan zone’s along the river’s edge and as far as travel goes, the nearest airport was voted as the best regional airport in North America in 2021. And as many as 60% of all American’s can drive to the Queen’s city in less than 8 hours.

Cincinnati has the culture, heritage and workforce to welcome fans from around the world and is ready to role out the red carpet for everyone who want’s to join them along the picturesque Ohio River.

The city’s businesses are committed to opening their doors to partner with FIFA, Kroger and Procter and Gamble have committed to making the World Cup a sustainable event in Cincinnati.

The choice is clear. Cincinnati is the best home to host World Cup 2026.